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How To Keep Your Mind While Everyone Else's is Being Blown Apart by Eddie Naylor
A self-help book that is a new leading edge 21st century book. It is inspirational, motivational and life-changing. It is not just any book or a self-help guide; it is a proactive and dynamic empowerment tool, which will give you back control of your life. [Details]
woodcutter and his axe
Moral stories first year, important moral stories, Fsc part 1 moral stories [Details]
Jewish Quotations
From King Solomon to Einstein, consolidation of the best Jewish quotes, sayings and proverbs. Jewish Gems has a collection of Jewish inspirational and wisdom quotes and proverbs. Browse our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous Jewish quotes and Jewish sayings. [Details]
Enchanted Rainbows by Gabriella Eva Nagy
Enchanted Rainbows is a heartwarming visual representation to say happy birthday to someone you love. Writing and illustrating for children is like stepping into a new dimension, a world full of imagination and colors that transcends time and space. I hope that we will take this wonder-filled journey together! [Details]
Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond by Nicki Geigert
A story of a family trip to Madagascar and Zimbabwe with photos and events, as well as traveling in those countries. Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond captures the fun memories that the family enjoyed in Madagascar and, at the same time, shares to readers the unparalleled wonder of the island country. [Details]
Ralphie the Roach by Ray Sobrino Jr
Ralphie the Roach is a story of how to be nice to another regardless of how you live or the type of family you have. This story teaches us that you may not be the prettiest of insects, but you might have the biggest heart. [Details]
Jungle Rules Trilogy by Paul Shemella
Jungle Rules is the first book in a planned trilogy about a small group of retired SEALs who fight for justice. They work undercover for three-letter government agencies against great odds. The missions depicted in Jungle Rules - and those books to follow - are quite realistic in terms of what well trained operators can do in the field. [Details]
The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience by Peter Justus
It is a book that challenges people to look at their lives and live them in a way that will bring them greater satisfaction going about the business of living. [Details]
Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct by Philip Wittig
Both ancient Israel and America were plagued with historical amnesia—the failure to pass on to future generations the story about the protection, blessings, and prosperity they had received at the hand of a loving and compassionate God. As a result, apostasy began to gain traction so that the people of each nation began replacing the worship of God with flourishing idolatry. [Details]
Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift by Janet Councilman
Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift is a story about a shark named Sammie. Sammie and his friends live in the colorful Coral Bay. He finds a treasure, which he is not sure at first what this reflective object could be. It all turns out to be a very special gift for a special someone he loves very much. [Details]
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The Witness: Unfolding Anatomy of a Killer by Wanda Draper
The Witness brings a new dimension to the genre of true crime literature, piecing together shards of personal circumstances and critical life events, so often swept under the rug of family shame or neglect, revealing how the past casts a grave shadow over one’s future. [Details]
Come Climb Toward God: Are you hungry for God by Marianna Albritton
This book was written to help believers understand the steps of growth as a Christian. Many times when a believer feels a need to be closer to God, the person has no idea how to proceed or how to interpret what one feels. [Details]
The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum
The Color Of Love is a book of poetry. At the same time, it’s a book of romance. Love is the most Powerful Emotion in the Universe. God is Unconditional Love. We are the offspring of God’s love in human reality. [Details]
The new voice that is winning hearts on social media
Listening to him reciting his poems would enchant you instantly, he is the new social media sensation. Yahoo! named him the "one-minute-poet". [Details]
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