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MacDonalds Prescription
Macdonald’s Prescriptions #3 strives to provide the best customer service to help our clients meet their health care goals. Our store features a variety of quality, value-priced health and wellness products. Besides the regular items in the pain relievers, antacids, laxatives, eye, ear and nasal products, cough and cold products, allergy products, and first aid supplies sections found in every pharmacy, we also carry many specialized and unique products. [Details]
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Looking for a leading API products manufacturers company in India? Century Pharma a best pharmaceutical company involved in manufacturing of pharmaceutical [Details]
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United Health Cures is the best pharmacy store which is offering medicines/drugs online without prescription at cheapest prices. Order Now with Fast & Secure Shipping Service! [Details]
Farmson - Manufacturer and Suppliers of Paracetamol Powders,Crystals Granules, API
Farmson is manufacturer and supplier pharmaceutical company of paracetamol / acetaminophen in India. Export paracetamol powder, granules, API and other quality drugs products. [Details]
South London Sexual Health Clinic | Private std Clinic London
Pulse Pharmacy is a leading pharmacy in London We are specialised in Private std, sexual health clinic services. [Details]
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Global Experts Meeting on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Frontiers Meetings takes immense pleasure & feels honoured in inviting the contributors across Globe for Pharmaceutica 2019 is organized around the theme “Research and Innovations on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems” and will take place in London, July 15-17 2019. It is an ideal platform for Pharmacy professionals to explore the outstanding strategies and theories in pharmacy Line. Target Audience: We extend a warm welcome to distinguished Pharmacy Nobel Laureates, Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors, Researchers, Students around the world to explore the Knowledge in Pharmacy and its line. Conference Highlights: Pharmaceutical Formulations, Innovative Drug Delivery Technologies, Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery Devices and Equipments, Targeted Drug Delivery System, Drug Delivery Through BBB, Herbal Novel Drug Delivery, Novel Vaccine Delivery Systems, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Novel drug Delivery: 2D & 3D Printing Applications, Bio-Pharmaceutics, Nanomedicine and Biomedical Applications, Pharmaceutical Analysis and many more. We welcome all the interested members to participate in our conferences as Keynote Speakers, Plenary Speakers, Poster Presentations, Delegates, Sponsors & Exhibitors Contact information: Jessica Wilson | Program Manager Pharmaceutica 2019 +44 2034554929 Email: pharmaceutica@frontiersmeetings.net Website: https://frontiersmeetings.com/conferences/pharmaceutica/ [Details]
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Dementia Psychosis Chicago | ADHD Clinical Trials Hinsdale - NeuroPsychiatric Research
NeuroPsychiatric Research Inc. is a research center that helps to provide high-quality patient care by conducting various clinical trials and researches. It’s located at Hinsdale, IL and has a team of professionals who have over sixteen years of experience in clinical trials. They conduct Phase I-IV Clinical Trials for biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO’s), and other research organizations in Chicago, Illinois area. Their research procedure helps to provide fruitful solutions for various problems like disorders, depression, manias, and more. To know more about their current trials and research procedures, visit https://neuropsychresearch.com [Details]
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Steroid European Company - We're experienced bodybuilders who are in steroid game for about 11 years, selling on market since 2005. [Details]
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Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited is an Indian Pharmaceuticals company and one of the proud subsidiaries of the Ganesh Group of Industrie which is presently having its headquarter in Ankleshwar in Gujarat [Details]
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Butalbital is in a group of drugs called barbiturates. It relaxes muscle contractions involved in a tension headache. [Details]
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Pharmaceutical Franchise India is a best portal, where you will get PCD Pharma distributorship company in India. Here you get detailed information about top pharma companies for start your own Pharma Franchise business in India at best Price. [Details]
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Kavya pharma is a leading and well established name in the field as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API and bulk drugs) ,pharmaceutical finished formulation ( tablets,capsules,syrups,creams, ointments ,injections, lotions etc ) ,surgical products,intermediates, Ayurvedic products . All our Products are manufactured in WHO GMP, ISO 9001 Approved Manufacturing Facilities. [Details]
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Professional Water Treatment in Pakistan
Innovative Water Technology & Solution (Private) Limited is a professional water treatment chemicals supplier and water treatment technology engineering company, registered in Karachi, Pakistan [Details]
Benton Medical Clinic - Walk-in Medical Services
We provide comprehensive and specialized medical care that meets the growing and changing needs of our patients and community at large. Visit here :-http://www.bentonmedicalclinic.com/ [Details]
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